Steel beams

Structurally, from the builder’s view, every loft conversion may vary a little bit. However, there are common procedures and stages which are no different with any type of attic conversion project. Quite often our prospective customers ask us where to start and what needs to be done before the actual building works can start. Here we will try to explain that in detail.

First, as with any other project, an initial survey is carried out: checking of the current building structure, roof type, joists layout, space available for conversion, height between the ceiling joists and the roof gable, current stairs arrangement. These factors are crucial in determining if the conversion is feasible at all. Once feasibility is approved, the type of conversion is decided: eaves, dormer, hip to gable or mansard. Some conversions are easier to implement, some are more difficult – the easiest being eaves conversion, when all the new room space is constructed within the existing attic space.



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