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Flat Refurbishment Project in Shoreditch, London

This property was quite big - around 1300 square feet, with 3.2 metres ceiling height. When our customer purchased it for his family, the interior was quite outdated. It took quite a while to start this project: only the paperwork took more than 6 months. The building had strict rules on how the project should be carried out and it took time to get the licence for the proposed works.

Once the licence was in place and all the permissions granted, we started with ripping it all out: you can see in the pictures how this property looked one week into the project. One of the challenges in this job was removal of all the rubbish - the property was on second floor and the skip was quite far away. We had to remove rubbish via communal stairs, taking all the precautions not to damage any walls or floors - a hefty deposit for any possible damages was held by the building managers. Which, of course, would have been deducted from our contract payment - if we were not careful enough. Six 12 yards skips and a few van loads afterwards of rubbish were removed.

Another challenge was the neighbours - especially a lady upstairs. She was very unhappy with all the works - she was trying to stop us working even during the working hours. Somehow jointly with the customer we managed to calm her down. This property wasn't fitted with the standard equipment and finishes - quite a lot of it was bespoke. And with bespoke stuff usually there are delays. Consequently there was more paperwork to extend the licence.

High end projects require a lot more efforts - we know that for sure. But when we finish one, we can be proud of it - we can show what we are capable of. This flat is fitted with water underfloor heating, (rooms programmed individually), highest quality engineered flooring, italian lights and sanitary ware. Bespoke kitchen was fitted by other contractor - and it took over a month for them to install it. Every detail required a close attention and the result speaks for itself.

Below - images of how we progressed in this project.

Project Details

  • Project costs: around £50000
  • Completion Date: May 2014
  • Duration: 3.5 months
  • Project type: High End Property Refurbishment

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