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Kitchen rear and side return extension project in Walthamstow E17

The house was previously occupied by tenants for many years. There were at least 3 full skips of rubbish to remove at first. Old rear lean-to / extension had to come down - so overall it was quite a lot of work before we could start the build. The challenge in this project was the installation of the long and heavy load bearing steel beam: we could not have it in one piece as it would not fit through the house and we would not be able to lift in in place - too heavy and too long. So we spliced it into two parts. Once positioned in place and removed the supports the next day we noticed a slight bow of the beam - that wasn't good news as we had to sort some cracks in walls above. That's what normally happens when spliced beams are installed and there is no way to avoid it. The old kitchen space was joined with the newly built spaces - bathroom and kitchen were created, underfloor heating installed and some more works carried out in the ground floor through lounge. As the customer was on a tight budget we could not finish it all to the final bits and we left some work to be done as a DIY project. We are flexible - you choose which works you would like done by us and which you will finish yourself.

Project Details

  • Project Costs:
  • Completion Date: August 2017
  • Duration: around 4 months
  • Project Type: Kitchen Extension

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